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The project “Development of a multi-level platform for Fire Detection and Alerting: DALI-Sense” promotes the convergence of fire detection and real-time data analysis. Using the Breathe2Change Initiative’s air quality sensor network in Tucumán as a starting point, the expansion of this infrastructure to detect forest fires involves the integration of advanced sensors, thermal cameras and available satellite data.

This project was awarded the VII Franco Argentina Distinction in Innovation 2023 in the Junior category.


The project is in an intermediate development phase (TRL 4-5), with prototypes and initial tests. The goal is to advance to higher levels of maturity (TRL 6-7) with extensive testing in real situations and optimization of modeling and simulation algorithms.

The innovation lies in fusing air quality data with fire detection and spread modeling technologies. The multilevel approach provides deep understanding of environmental conditions and strengthens the accuracy of predictions. The DALI-Sense platform stands out for early warnings based on advanced analytics and machine learning.


The project will take advantage of satellite data, including those provided by the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Sentinel-2 system, which provides high-resolution images and atmospheric data for environmental monitoring and the detection of changes on the Earth’s surface. In this way, it transforms fire management, prevents economic losses and protects lives. DALI-Sense improves prevention, detection and response, and can be scalable for broader applications. It includes air quality sensors, thermal cameras, atmospheric sensors, data communication and servers for analysis.


This platform stands as an innovative and transformative service, aimed at addressing the challenging problem of forest fires in all its dimensions. With a vision towards the future, this platform could be forged through the promotion of the “Franco-Argentine Distinction in Innovation”, bringing technological and scientific excellence to the forefront of the fight against forest fires.


It will become an essential tool for governments, allowing them to respond effectively and proactively to the threat of forest fires. The integration of air quality sensors, thermal cameras and satellite data will provide early detection, allowing authorities to mobilize resources in a timely manner and make decisions based on accurate and up-to-date information.


For companies operating in areas vulnerable to fires, the platform will be a strategic ally in risk mitigation. By anticipating the threat, companies will be able to implement preventive measures and safeguard their assets. The platform will provide detailed data on environmental conditions, enabling more effective planning and protection of critical infrastructure.


DALI-Sense will become a valuable source of data for the scientific community, driving interdisciplinary research into the impacts of wildfires. The data provided by the platform will open new opportunities to study atmospheric chemistry during fires, contributing to the advancement of knowledge in fields such as ecology, human health and atmospheric physics.


Society as a whole will benefit greatly from this platform. Early detection and accurate information will reduce the vulnerability of communities to wildfires. With DALI-Sense in action, public awareness of emergency prevention and response will increase, empowering people to take informed and safe action.


Air pollution causes the following number of deaths per year


Pneumonia // COPD // Cancer


Stroke // Alzheimer's // Cognitive impairment


Various heart diseases


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